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Lookit mah hurr

Got my hair cut yesterday. As a result, I feel like doing a hair timeline.

Aw... lookit the ittle high schooler. This is the last time I ever saw my natural hair color. Also, yay for cropping out friends in the pic (because posting a pic with them in a hair comm felt kind of sketchy).

Old hair is old. I had got frustrated with my hair and ended up having it all clipped off. It felt cool, but after a couple weeks it turned into one of those "this was a retarded idea" moments.

"You know, you should bleach your hair." WORST IDEA EVER. My hair had grown out and was a red-brown, and then for reasons I will never understand I decided to try white-blonde. This is what I got after four bleach jobs. I'm amazed I had hair left. And yes, shitty pic is shitty.

My hair's the same as the last, only black. It looked much better.

Plz to be ignoring the sign. This is my hair with parts of the fringe and pixies bleached.

Right before I cut my hurr. The bleached parts are a little blonder, but that's about it.

And then I got it cut.

My hair's sore need of a different dye job has been duly noted. I'm making a note of getting hair stripper and dye at this very moment. Overall, I'm torn. I do like it, but I'm not sure I like it on me. Okay, seriously, I miss my goddamn pixies. If I ever do this again the pixies stay. In other news, I now have to figure out how to style this.

Later folks.
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