teh m33k (rruka) wrote in j__hair,
teh m33k

suggestions por favor?

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hellopeople! i'm new here, and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for my horrible, horrible hair:

i went sort of crazy with my hair a couple of months ago, you see.
i kind of drank a buttload of Rockstar and stayed up until god knows how long, and then i decided
that it would be a good idea to grab my clippers and shave the back of my head clean. heh, i digress...
but it has grown since then, so now it just looks like boy hair.

also, i have a chubby face, so this bowl cut, type.... thing, that i have going on just doesn't work for me.

i was thinking of maybe getting extensions, or braiding in fake hair, since my niece (who cuts hair)
refuses to cut any more layers into my hair on account of it's too short.

but suggestions, any at all, are very much appreciated! 
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